Error: module "QtQuick" version 2.0 is not installed

  • Hey Guys,

    I'm wanting to play around with QtQuick, but have run into the following error when I run my program:

    @module "QtQuick" version 2.0 is not installed
    import QtQuick 2.0
    ^ @

    I'm using qtcreator 2.6.1

    My guess was that it was building against QT 4.8 which was installed earlier, so I modified the build paths to be QT5. Under 'Build & Run' -> 'Qt Versions' -> 'Manual' -> qmake Location :


    but this still didn't fix it.

    My program is:

    @import QtQuick 2.0

    Rectangle {
    width: 360
    height: 360
    Text {
    text: qsTr("Hello World")
    anchors.centerIn: parent

    Any tips?

    with thanks

  • Got it!

    I think now I've changed the QT version to 5, I have the option to create a 'Qt Quick 2 Application'. Creating a new project, I can see a different entry in the .pro file. Copying this accross to my old project:


    Please do not modify the following two lines. Required for deployment.


    fixes it.

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