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Issues with Qt Creator (qmlscene, maintenance tool)

  • As said in the titel, I have issues with the qmlscene viewer and a little bug with the maintenance tool.

    I've created a QML 2.0 project, as described in the notepad QML tutorial. So I go to Extras->Extern-> Qt Quick-> QML 2.0 preview(qmlscene) and it says, that the executable of qmlscene cannot be found. I tried copying the qmlscene.exe into the same directory as qtcreator.exe, but it wouldn't help. Starting qmlscene.exe manually and then open a QML file works.

    The tutorial by the way is misleading, as it suggests the use of qmlscene, while the notepad example code is written in QML 1.0. Anyway from a user perspective I would like it, if it would be more descriptive, since I had a hard time working out what I need to do and I still cannot figure out how to run the example (I copy & pasted the code into a new project so I could run and see it, at least the QML part). Somewhat more like the Qt Widget notepad example, which was very nice and straight forward.

    Now to the little bug with the maintenance tool. When I choose update, I get the same text as when I would choose remove, so I'm not sure what it exactly it does and what will happen =P

    E: Forgot version information..
    Qt : 5.0.0 Windows(32-bit)
    Qt Creator: 2.6.1

  • Well, found the bug report page for Qt and a solution for my first problem:

    "qmlscene not starting":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTBUG-28744

    qmlscene is starting properly now but the bug is still existing of course.

    There's also an entry for my second issue, but nothing more:

    "maintenance updater doesn't work right":https://bugreports.qt-project.org/browse/QTIFW-195

    Anymore information for this?

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