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Blank screen on starting up Android app

  • Hello. I'm taking my first tentative steps in developing for Android with Qt. I'm using the Necessitas SDK (Qt Creator 2.5.83) from Ubuntu 12.04 and I'm trying to deploy some hello-word style apps to a CnM Touchpad 7 running Android 4.0.4. I'm targetting the Android version 15 SDK.

    When the apps deploy and start up, all I get is a blank screen.

    I'm able to run the apps OK on a variety of emulators set up via the Android AVD Manager.

    On the real device, I can see the device OK (e.g. from ./adb devices) and it seems to deploy OK. On initial deployment from QtCreator it fetches Qt libraries through Ministro, but thereafter all I get is a blank screen. The apps appear loaded on the tablet (I can see their icons under "Apps"), but if I try to start them again, then I just get a necessitas splash screen for a second or so, followed by a blank screen.

    On initial deployment from QtCreator I have also sometimes (not always) seen the message "Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped." on the tablet. This happens before QtCreator starts the "Starting remote process" part of the deployment.

    Can anybody help here? Are there some set-up steps that I have neglected?

  • Have You checked Your dependencies of your application (ldd) ?
    maybe some libs are missing

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