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Building Qt5.0.0 for Win64 and Microsoft Platform SDK 2010 with OpenSSL, icu, opengl

  • Hi all,

    Sharing my experience with you .... ( Thanks to the QT blogs and other web pages for the information. )

    I have built QT5 on win64. I am using Microsoft windows sdk version 7.1. I have opted for opengl instead of DirectX (ANGLE). The PC should have graphic drivers for windows having OpenGl 2.1 or above support. Microsoft windows sdk for amd64 was already installed. (GRMSDKX_EN_DVD.iso). "" was downloaded and extracted at "C:\QT\qt-everywhere-5.0.0".

    The following perquisite setups were installed

    1. python-2.7.3.amd64.msi - Python ( add "C:\Python27" to 'PATH' Environment variable)
    2. strawberry-perl- - Perl ( add "C:\strawberry-perl\c\bin;C:\strawberry-perl\perl\site\bin;C:\strawberry-perl\perl\bin" to 'PATH' Environment variable)
    3. - icu library required for qt5-unicode-support. ( add "C:\icu-qt5-unicode\bin64" to 'PATH' Environment variable)
    4. qt-creator-windows-opensource-2.6.1.exe - QTCreator is to be installed. ( add "C:\QT\qtcreator-2.6.1\bin" to 'PATH' Environment variable) 'jom' requirement.
    5. Need to download RUBY for Webkit build from “” ( add "C:\ruby-1.9.3\bin" to 'PATH' Environment variable)
    6. Need to download OpenSSL for Webkit build from "" "Win64 OpenSSL v1.0.1c Light".

    Create a "Build.bat" batch file with the following 6 statements in "C:\QT\qt-everywhere-5.0.0" folder.
    REM start of batch file...
    REM This is for OpenGL (The openGL version 2.1 and above required )
    configure -prefix C:\QT\qt-everywhere-5.0.0\qtbase -opensource -make-tool jom -opengl desktop -openssl -I C:\OpenSSL-Win64\include -L C:\OpenSSL-Win64\lib\VC\static -icu -I C:\icu-qt5-unicode\include -L C:\icu-qt5-unicode\lib64
    REM Next to call jom command...
    REM end of Batch file...

    Open the "Windows SDK 7.1 Command Prompt". Go to the folder (CD command) "C:\QT\qt-everywhere-5.0.0". Run "Build.bat"
    As the 'Build' is complete, run "jom" command to start building QT5.

    Best Regards

  • Instead of jom you can use -mp for configure. With this option nmake will do the same thing as jom.

  • Thanks for posting these instructions.

    I'm also trying to build Qt for VisualStudio 2010 64-bit.

    When I run "Build.bat", jom chokes on a syntax error in the Makefile that configure (I guess) just built:

    Do you accept the terms of the license?
    Creating qmake...
    Error: syntax error in C:...\qt-everywhere-opensource-src
    -5.1.0\qtbase\qmake\Makefile line 25
    Error: syntax error in C:...\qt-everywhere-opensource-src
    -5.1.0\qtbase\qmake\Makefile line 25
    Cleaning qmake failed, return code 2
    The offending line is:

    @ifeq ($(SHELL), sh.exe)

    I've been Googling around for awhile, to no avail.

    Also, I don't see where to specify that it should build 64-bit versus 32-bit binaries.

    Thanks for any additional tips.

  • Sorry, disregard my previous post. I was running Build.bat from the "regular" CMD prompt.

    Wen I ran it from the "Visual Studio X64 Win64 Command Prompt (2010)" it worked. It generated a different Makefile; no syntax error.

  • gr8. Continue qt-iiiing... :)

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