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[Suggestion] Add "search box" to the forum page so you can use to "search only in the forum"

  • I noticed that you have this functionality (the actual search) on the advanced search but I think it can't hurt to have something a little more obvious in the "forum page" that lists all the threads. It could be another "input field" with a search button under the forum name or to the right of it.

  • This has been discussed partly in "this forum thread": - you have my vote :-)

  • Thanks for the link Volker.

    That is exactly the point I was trying to make. For me having too many results is almost as bad as having too few. That is why I added this suggestion and "few" others to improve the search.

    A lot can be done with the advanced search but most people will avoid it just because it says "advanced" ... Using the same engine a lot can be improved by just adding links like "search this forum", "search this thread", "search tags", ...

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