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QSettings location for plugins

  • Where are all QSettings for qt creator plugins stored under Windows?
    Are they in the registry?

  • All settings are stored in the filesystem under %APPDATA%/Roaming/QtProject (not 100% sure about the part between %APPDATA% and QtProject:).

    Plugins tend to have few settings and those are rolled into the normal .ini file. We also use a SQLite DB for binary blobs (geometries, etc.) which are not editable anyway (and take much longer to load when they need to be deserialized from the QSettings format) and a couple of XML files for kits (qtcreator/profiles.xml), compilers (qtcreator/toolchains.xml), devices (qtcreator/devices.xml) and Qt versions (qtcreator/qtversions.xml).

    If you have those .xml files directly in QtProject folder: Then you are using Qt Creator prior to 2.5. Our newest version one moved them to qtcreator/ and updated them a bit in that process. The old files are still used when loading projects that were never opened with Qt Creator 2.6 before to import old settings, so keep them around if you have projects like that.

  • Thanks Tobias

    [quote author="Tobias Hunger" date="1356249456"]All settings are stored in the filesystem under %APPDATA%/Roaming/QtProject (not 100% sure about the part between %APPDATA% and QtProject:).

    That path is 100% correct for my setup, which should be standard setup.

    I am changing a plugin, but could not find the location of information stored by QSettings. As I could verify it does use QtCreator.ini as well. Better change this since I want to store much more information.

  • Saving into the normal .ini file is usually fine. Why do you want an extra file to store your settings in?

  • The amount of data is the reason. Probably more a question of perspective but I do not want to mess around so much with the standard ini-file. I am thinking of a primitive translator of abbreviations.

    Probably you know by heart I was trying to find the block selection of qt creator. I would be interested to find and edit the comment block prior to a location in a file. When trying to find myself, I got completely lost.

    A couple of examples might be helpful for the plugin documentation. However, I know that this takes a significant amount of effort which is a bit questionable.

  • What kind of abbrevations? Something like snippets (see Tools>Options>Text Editor>Snippets, not 100% sure about the category, don't have creator handy right now, it is xmas after all;)?

  • Enjoy xmas. Let's continue after the holidays. ;)

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