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Where do I find the current QtSDK download.

  • It was on the site a week ago, and is now gone. I am a beginner in Qt and I believed that the SDK would contain the Qt development tools as well as the opensource libraries.

    Was I wrong to think that Qt Creator is not the SDK? or is it?

  • The Qt SDK contain(s)(ed) Qt creator and Qt 4 libs. On windows at least you could also choose to install MinGW compiler. It used to be on the very top of the download page. AFAIK the current SDK is no longer up to date. The newest creator was not in the SDK and the same for Qt 4 libs not to talked about Qt 5. To my understanding it is not ready yet, but will come soon.

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    At the top of the page, the links say "Qt libraries 5.0.0", but they actually contain the full SDK, including Qt Creator 2.6.1 (Note: For Windows, only Visual Studio 2010 is supported for now. MinGW and Visual Studio 2012 will come soon)

  • As a true beginner, I would have not had to ask about QtSDK if a few lines within the link


    stated (as an example)

    A typical QtSDK consists of one item from QtLibrary grouping and one item from QtCreator grouping.

    As an example, for a 64 bit (AMD/INTEL) Linux
    One could choose

    Qt libraries 5.0.0 for Linux 64-bit

    QT Creator 2.6.1 for Linux 64-bit


    Thank you for your feedback.

    Please advise me, what is in the following


    Doe it include the above two items?

    Your patience with a new (to Qt) beginner is appreciated.

    Happy Holidays, all the best for Christmas and the coming years.

  • Yes that includes creator and the Qt libs themselves

  • lsatenstein: The Qt 5 packages contain Qt Creator already, so you don't need to download that extra. It is just the Qt 4 that are the bare libraries.

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