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  • Hello all ,

    i have following xml :


    can anybody help me to understand how i can parse RoutLinks using XMLListModel.

    I mean what should be the query and XPath statement, also in my model i need tags of journey like Sequenceno, NoofChanges etc.

  • You can check " XmlListModel Element official documentation": as well as examples like "this":

  • I think will be better to extend QAbstractItemModel and use it as model. In my opinion, JS in QML must do a little and such complex parsing must be performed in C++.

  • Hello All,

    Thanks for the reply. But i have already used XMLListModel at lots of places !! so i know the simplest use of it.

    I am not a XPath Expert, so i want to understand can i get an array of the RouteLinks tag ?? along with other tags in the xml shown.

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