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App fills only half of the screen

  • Hello I tried the qtonpi a few month ago.

    Pretty awesome stuff. Back then I had no issues with the deployment
    on my Pi.

    Now I'm trying to deploy the hello-gtonpi example with the qtonpi-0.2 version
    and have a Problem with the app showing just on the lower half of the screen.

    I use a 1024x768 screen HMDI->DVI cabel. The application shows a white background
    on the entire screen, but the qml part fills just the lower half.

    If I try to move the qml part up the the qml elements start to disappear.

    Do you have any Ideas how to solve this ?



    I tried the same on an 1680x1050 monitor and it worked fine.
    But the 1024x768 screen reders the qml to low.
    The width of the app works fine.

  • No ideas huh ? ; )

    I qtonpi using qws to render the applications or what kind of x system is running on the qtonpi image ?

    Is there any chance to tell the system, what kind of display I'm using ?

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