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IUtem Selection with TouchArea or Mouse Area

  • Hi,
    In my QML file I have several basic qml items and custom qml items. I would like to add a mouse Area or a touch area over the all application in some specific condition to be abble to:

    • Move on item at a time
    • Update the Qml file with the new positions automaticaly (or triggered by an button)

    So I would like to use the OnmouseMove or OnTouchMove to modify the "x" and "y" of one Item. My first problem is to get the item under the mouse or the "touch".
    is there a easy way to do this?
    Maybe an example?

    My second problem is to update the QML file automaticaly, for that I have no precise idea, maybe exporting a file with all modified positions, and write a parser which update those positions

    Thanks a lot!

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