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[Solved]Installing and using Qt3D with Qt5RC2

  • Hi,

    We use Qt3D and just installed Qt5 RC2. The previous version of Qt5 that we were using (beta) had Qt3D as one of the modules, but Qt3D has been removed later. In that version, we were able to use Qt3D simply by adding "QT += 3d" to the .pro file.

    I have downloaded and built Qt3D from git://, but 3d is no longer recognized as a module and I'm not sure what the correct way to include 3d is. Should I just add it to my project as an external library, or is there a way that it can still be added as a module?


  • Get a git clone as you say you have done, then using the qmake from your Qt5 install do:

    make install

    Once it is installed

    QT += 3d

    should work.

  • That did it. I was missing the "make install". Thanks!

  • You're welcome. We plan to do some refactoring of Qt3D over the festive period but will do this in a branch so as not to disturb people using the current incarnation.

    Have fun with Qt5!

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