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Buildung Qt5.0.0rc2 for Win64 and VisualStudio 2010

  • I tried to build Qt5.0.0rc2 for Win64 and VisualStudio 2010 but have not been successful. After install the Qt5.0.0 I am not able to work because vcproj files are not generated. This should be a default action building for windows. I used the following line to configure after activating the Visual Studio x64 Win64 command Prompt.
    configure -opensource -prefix c:\qt\5.0.0-x64-rc2-opengl-mysql -hostprefix -debug-release -shared -qt-sql-mysql -opengl desktop
    Is their a receipt how to get Qt5.0.0rc2 working for Win64 Visual Studio 2010
    Thanx Harald.

  • Have build it today without any problem on Win 7 64-bit with VS 2010 SP1 for 32- and 64-bit... Have you installed all dependencies like python, icu, etc... ?
    This tutorial maybe helpful for building QT5: "Building Qt 5 from Git":

  • Yes. I can build it successful but I did not get the vcproj files in my examples and did not find a parameter for configure.
    Thanx and I will be reading this tutorial. Maybe I find something that I did not read.


  • After nmake install I start MS VISUAL Studio 2010 but it is not possible to use that version of Qt with Qt options Add. The error is C:\Qt\5.0.0-x64-rc2-opengl-mysql\qmake.exe could not be …
    So I am not abel to use this installation. Curious

  • Are you using VS Qt Add-in? Which version? also check qmake dependencies, maybe it can't find icu libs or something else...

  • I am using the VS QT Add-in. That right. For me, at the moment it is not clear which version I am using. It is working with Qt4.7.4 64bit without a problem. But after switching to 5.0.0rc2 it induced a lot of serios problems. How can I find out what version it is? Do I need to compile a newer version or download it from somewhere? I am a little confused but OK it is a rc2.
    Thanx for help, Harald.

  • You can't use Qt4 VS Add-in with Qt5, the structure is complete different... there is beta version of Qt5 VS Add-in, but it works only with beta1 of Qt5.. So simply create standard win32 empty project and add custom rules to your header files with Qt objects/classes, and so on...

  • OK. That makes a lot clear. Bit more work. Do you have an idea when the Qt5 Add-in will be available? Think with the Qt5.0.0 release version?
    Thanx, Harald.

  • It looks like there is already rc2 version of QtVS Add-in 1.2.0 :)
    Try it:

  • I had to uninstall 1.9.x and Than I was successfull to use the Qt5.0.0.0rc1 VisualStudio AddIn. Than I can create a QT5 application. If I use x64 a buil does not find Qt5Cored5.lib, Qt5Guid5.lib, Qt5Multimediad5.lib, Qt5MultimediaWidgetsd5.lib. I removed the 5 at the end of all this libs. After that some libs for modules are missing. They are easy to find. They all have a 5 at the end which confuses the build.
    After setting the right path everything was working as expected.
    Thanx a lot.

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