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QT5 PlugIn Tutorial

  • I'm trying to write a very simple PlugIn for use with QML.

    I just want to write a simple class with only one Q_Property and use this in an other Project ( of QTCreator ) in a QML-Application.

    But I have the Problem, I can make what I want QTCrator meens allways "modul not installed".

    Is there a simple Tutorial ( from beginning to the end ) for building a Plugin in Creator and how to use it in an other Project?

  • "This tutorial": goes over creating a qt quick application and making a c++ plugin for it, if that is any help to you :)

  • Thanks!
    I have allready seen this tutorial, but there is no discription how to install the plugins with qt5 & QTCreator. My main Problem is, that the plugin is not installed ( my be i have to set the plugin dir - but i don't know how )

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