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My USB mouse freezing after any QT application run

  • OS: Windows Server 2008 x64
    porblem: Starting any qt creator or compiled application (even without gui) my USB mouse stop moving (keyboard working fine).
    After reloging mouse starts to work, but if I run any qt app, it stop's again(

    Mouse work fine (I try to chang it), ports work fine. I don't know what to do else ( pls help

  • Never used Qt creator on Windows Server 2008, so no sure if its OS specific issue. Also never faced such issue on Windows 7 or Windows XP. Is this behaviour observed only when using Qt creator.

  • Um, wow - I've run Qt 4.x on just about every version of Windows from XP forward, including the server OSes, and I've never seen anything like that.

    I'm guessing you built this yourself? What compiler etc. did you use?

  • In that case Aleksiz please re verify, it might be due to some other conflicting reasons. You will have to spend more time debugging it.

  • Hm. I just downloaded new version of QT Creator and it work's now.

    I done some tests.

    QtGui4.dll size 2286592 (new version)
    QtCore4.dll size 8273408 (new version)
    It's work's fine!

    QtGui4.dll size 2279424 (old version)
    QtCore4.dll size 8264192 (old version)
    It freezes mouse.

    old and new libs are has version number, but different hashes and sizes.
    So the problem was inside QtGui4.dl or QtCore4.dll (there no viruses there, I checked via virustotal)

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