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[SOLVED]Qt5 RC 2 Issue with QTextBrowser

  • Hello.

    I wanted to try Qt5 RC2 to see if the gif animation issue in QTextDocument was ressolved but I can't seem to use the QTextBrowser or QTextEdit from either qt4 or qt3. Anyone know why this is happening? I get errors in the libraries when I try to use the older libraries.

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    Can you rephrase the question? I'm reading it oven and over again, but can't determine what you have meant.

    What are you actually doing? What is this bit about using Qt4 and even the dinosaur of Qt3? If you mean that you have compiled your app using Qt5 and then tried running it against Qt4/3 libraries, then the answer is easy: don't do this, it won't work. A completely reversed situation will also fail.

    Qt has binary compatibility for major versions, but not between different majors.

  • Well, I need a QTextBrowser or a QTextEdit to test if the new QTextDocument from qt5 supports gif animations.
    The libraries from qt5 don't have the QTextBrowser or QTextEdit classes anymore. So, I tried using the older classes from qt4 and qt3 and the setDocument method but they gave me errors when compiling.
    Yes I have compiled with qt5 but I have added the qt4 libraries in the pro file. And if the qt3 shouldn't work why does qt5 still have the libraries for it?

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    Are you sure? Try including <QtWidgets/QTextEdit>. Widgets constitute now a new module. You also have to add QT += widgets to your .pro file.

  • thank you sierdzio :D

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    Aha, so that was it. Just a quick follow-up from me, then:

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