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[Suggestion] Admins should close threads as soon as a post indicates that a bug report has been filed

  • I suggest that the admins should close threads as soon as there is a reference to a bug report being created on JIRA. This way all the comments will be redirected to the bug reports system - I can only imagine that keeping track of comments on two places is not feasible for the developers working on them.

  • I like this idea ..

    Tobias/Denis/Marius/Alexandra ... your thoughts ?

  • It's ok for me, but only if thread is only about a bug/suggestion reported. If report is only related to thread, than it should not be closed.

  • I think it should be kept open to continue any further related discussion. Even people who dont have a JIRA login can discuss it.

  • QtK, bugtracker is in JIRA, not here. And when issue is opened all info needed for responsible ones should be provided there.

  • [quote author="Denis Kormalev" date="1291833960"]QtK, bugtracker is in JIRA, not here. And when issue is opened all info needed for responsible ones should be provided there.[/quote]

    Yes, I am aware of that. My reasoning is that if someone who doesn't have a JIRA id and is not interested in creating one, but just want to report that the bug is not fixed or still exits or any updates on the same - can use the forum thread.

  • QtK, I don't think such info will be important for issues. Post at the forum is only post at the forum.

  • Don't forget to add the link to the bug report, when closing it. (and tag it - BTW: in most cases, this will be a singleton tag)

  • Wolf P., yes, it is the must. Both tag and link (not just issue number, but link to bugtracker).

  • I agree, the forum should be used to discuss before we conclude it is a bug / wish to be reported. From this point, the bugtracker is the right place.

  • With the thread closed, duplicates will appear. Maybe people without bug tracker account contribute details? Others with account can easily transfer the news. As QtK suggested: let it better open for a while.

  • Closing "solved/bug reported" threads could be useful in some use-cases, and not in others. If it's a good thing or not is thus unclear.

    However, what is clear is that it's quite a bit of work closing the threads and it could potentially lead to some controversy as judgment calls have to be made for each thread.

    I think we should not pro-actively close threads because a bug is reported. The forum format is a bit less formal than the bug report format, the conversation could keep rolling, and then lead to a well written comment on the bug report.

    [edit: after a re-read I understood the issue better, post improved]

  • Closing the thread is just an "incentive" for people to comment on the bug report. One could always create a new thread if he wants to discuss something around the subject of the bug.

    It seems to me that "short" to-the-point threads are preferred than never-ending ones so I don't see a problem closing threads.

    But I agree with, what I think is, mariusg point: as it is where only admins can close threads we don't want to have them burden having to chase and close tasks. If and when we get more people with the power to close them (another of my suggestion's: power to the original authors of the thread to close them) it may make more sense.

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