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Is it true that QDir::entryList in Windows is much more slower than in other platforms?

  • In "here": there is a bug report that says that QDir::entryList is very slow in Windows. Is it true? Is there any workaround for this bug? I tried to make a find utility for Windows using Qt and I noticed that when I put the program to search the whole C: drive it didn't respond, although I had use QThread. I want to know if entryList has such a problem in order to bypass it. I have written the same program in C# using .NET and the program can search the whole C: drive without any problem.

  • Yes,QDir::entryList is very slow in Windows and embedded linux.

  • Your only real alternative is using the Win32 API directly, i.e. iterate through the files/subfolders of a directoy by calling FindFirstFile() and then FindNextFile() in a loop. Of course makes your code platform-specific.

    Ultimate solution would be analyzing the Qt code and find the bottleneck. Then submit a patch to resolve it ^^

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