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Questions regarding build time, and disk space for building Qt on Linux

  • According to BLFS it would take up 1.8 GB of space..... That seems somewhat hard to fathom. Is it really true? How is it possible?

    Also, it says the build time is 69 SBU which is about 4 hours... Is that true?

    Is there some way to reduce the size and build requirements whilst still having a functional desktop (eg. for a fully functional KDE) such as disabling unneeded features?

  • Nice to see LFS users here :)
    If you choose to build your own LFS, you should know it will take a lot of time... :)
    Your SBU is about 3,5 minutes, so your PC(or build environment) is a little bit slow... It can really take 4 hours in this situation. And 1,8GB is really the minimum amount of space needed to build Qt4 on Linux. My Qt4 build from GIT needs between 3,5 and 4 GB of space...
    Don't forget to switch off building of examples, docs and demos with "-nomake" switch.

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