Qwt on Windows Xp

  • In order to use Qwt in a Windows Xp project I have inserted these rows in my .pro file:
    @ LIBS += ../../qwt-6.0.2/lib/libqwt.a
    LIBS += ../../qwt-6.0.2/lib/libqwtmathml.a
    INCLUDEPATH += ../../qwt-6.0.2/src

    In the past all was ok but now, but now, after the upgrade of qt sdk, I can compile correctly my application without any error but the application does not starts.
    Can you help my? I have searched the solution during all the day!

  • You are attempting to run executable from the IDE or directory?

  • From ide I obtain a crash with some result code, from directory (I have copied the required dll) I obtain a error like "application not initialized"

  • Solved adding
    in .pro file

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