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[SOLVED] Can i still use LGPL license?

  • Back when Nokia had it i could clearly see the LGPL and commercial versions labelled seprately for download. Now when i got to It only show a commercial version available for a trail. So i have these questions to sum up

    Does still Qt support LGPL license for future updates or is it commercial only now on?

    Is the version in the Downloads section a LGPL version?

    So Qt-Project develops the open source version while digia develops the commercial one. Am i correct?

    Will the LGPL version receive future updates along with the commercial one and will all the changes be contributed to the Open Source version or does digia decide to limit the changes?

    What happened to the QT SDK? I can't find it in the Downloads section for desktops. It says "for Symbian and MeeGo" redirected to the Nokia site. Is the SDK still supported for desktop also like the earlier versions OR is it Mobile targeted ONLY with no desktop support?

    And what about updating the Qt SDK. Is the SDK solely developed and updated by Nokia only or will Qt Project take part in updating the SDK? Will there be a newer version of the SDK at some point in the future AFTER Qt 5 is released adding Qt 5 to the SDK?

    Sorry for the naive question. I'm new here and thank you for your answers. :)

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    Yes. Both GPL and LGPL is still available and fully supported. Now it's actually boosted by Open Governance model. See "Qt Project downloads": page.

    You can choose between LGPL and GPL when downloading from Qt Project, cloning from git, or compiling the zipped package.

    Both versions are using the same source code, and Digia is actively contributing to the OS version. If you need hard data, see "Thiago's Qt Project statistics": Digia does offer additional stuff for commercial clients (Qt Commercial Charts is one of the examples), but that is usually external to the project itself.

    A new SDK is being worked upon and will be released soon. You can check out the beta by downloading the Qt5 RC packages. It will include Qt4, too. Qt now focuses on both desktop and mobile, with a slight leaning towards desktop (although that is just my feeling).

    Nokia stopped the development almost a year ago, don't expect any updates there. The new SDK, once it's released, will probably be updated regularly. In any case, Qt libraries and Qt Creator can be installed separately, are being developed and updated all the time.

  • Thank you for the Info. That clears it up. :)
    Any timeline for the SDK release?

  • From the Qt Bog on dec 6th:

    bq. We’re aiming to move towards a 5.0.0 final release as quickly as possible now. If we don’t hear about or find any large issues with the release candidate, we hope to be able to release it as 5.0.0 in about a week from now. Otherwise, we are aiming at fixing the bugs that show up and release a new RC in maybe a week from now.

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    No hard dates yet. If Qt5 goes through RC stage smoothly, it can even happen this month. As to inclusion of Qt4, IIRC the closest to a date that was given was early next year.

    You can monitor progress at "SDK's repo":

  • Sorry for bugging you again, Last question. After the release will it include Qt mobility API and the Symbian Mobile Simulators?

    I'm asking because Nokia is no longer associated with the project.

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    Support for Symbian is dropped in Qt 5 due to lack of maintainers. Qt Mobility was integrated and is now part of official Qt 5 libraries, available (AFAIK) on all platforms. However, due to compatibility promise, Symbian code is still present in Qt 4 libs.

    Qt Creator, as far as I know, does not ship with Nokia's simulators any more.

  • Just went through the supported platforms list and losing symbian for Android+ios+Win is worth it for me .When Android support hits Qt5 I really hope it includes the necessitas emulator. Please consider including an emulator of some sort with the Qt creator/SDK as it makes life much easier. If possible also try to include an emulator for each mobile platform. Is this the right place to make this suggestion ?
    Thank you for your answers.

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    [quote author="Chaitanya" date="1355079382"]Is this the right place to make this suggestion ?[/quote]

    Not really. Very few Qt developers are on this forum on a daily basis. Tobias is one of them, he works on Qt Creator and is very active here, so you might be heard. But a better way to get attention would be to ping the "qt-creator": mailing list, and "necessitas ML/ google":!forum/android-qt group.

    I have got out of touch with Necessitas, so I'm not sure of the current state or the plans. Certainly, Necessitas plugin for Qt Creator was recently included in QtC source code, and Digia has announced full support to the project, so it might happen. I'm just not sure what stage is the intergation really at at the moment. You can definitely try out the Necessitas SDK, which includes Android NDK and simulator.

  • Thanks for the answers.Marked it as SOLVED :)

  • I also needed the sdk installers for both windows and linux. I was able to locate them both here:

    If that link no longer works then you may find alternative links here:

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