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QTextEdit; adjustSize() not working?

  • setting text for QTextEdit:
    te->setPlainText("Something") ;

    should wrap around "Something" only , instead the TextEdit is expanding to its maximum Width-Height, can't fix it..
    When I select "Something" on run time , only "Something" is highlighted, no added extra white spaces.

    Expectations: when text is small enough to fit on one Line, the text edit shouldn't expand in height, when the text needs to wrap , only the extra line width should be added not the maximum width.

    if adjustSize(); is not called , the text will wrap on the width that was set in the .ui in the Creator , wont dynamically expand horizontally nor vertically..

    Some Info:
    Horizontal Policy: Expanding
    Vertical Policy : MinimumExpanding
    minimumSize : 2x22
    maximum Size : 300x100
    lineWrapMode: WidgetWidth

    Any Idea ?

  • Reimplement sizeHint() to take into consideration the size of the document and call update()

  • Thanks for your help :) but I solved it by calculating width and height and setting the geometry.

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