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Qt Webkit with Wireless Network

  • Hello Elites,

    I have below code. Here I am trying to fetch web page that has waveform getting plotted(using javascript).

    Above code works fine on networked connection(ethernet). I am able to render web page that has waveform getting plotted.

    However on wireless network connection, I am only able to see web page rendering but waveforms are not getting plotted.

    Whether should I enable any specific settings for wireless network connection??


  • Qt is like all other components on your system. It just doesn't care about your network state. If your network is connected it will work, if you have proxy - you should set it. So the problem is somewhere else...

  • Hello Acer

    Thanks for reply.

    After some code changes on server, I am able to see waveform on Qt client via wireless network.

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