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Required: Freelance C++ / Qt / QML development engineer

  • Myotest (, is recruiting a Freelance Software Development Engineer to implement a new version of their user interface software. This software is used to store, visualise and analyse data recorded with their Myotest Sport measurement device.

    The Candidate will provide application software development using C++/Qt in Windows and Mac environment. Candidate will design and develop application level software including user interfaces and communications with third party systems, mainly thought USB and Bluetooth protocol. The individual will also be involved in testing and verification. The candidate may work remotely but will remain under direct supervision of the R&D team, (The candidate is welcome to work in our offices too)

    Myotest develops and sales portable devices based on accelerometer to measure muscular performance (Power, Force, Velocity), and to monitor physical exercises for the competing athletes market as well as for the wellness market.

    Ideal Requirements:
    Minimum of 3 years of experience as a software developer using C++
    Strong knowledge of GUI development including specific experience with Qt and QML
    Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or related discipline
    Written and Spoken English

    Feel free to contcat me



  • Hi Jerome,

    I currently lead a startup focusing on Qt software development. We focus on cross-platform software development with Qt, have a team of 9 C++/Qt developers, work with mobile, desktop and embedded systems. We are supporting projects in US, Australia and various European countries, working remotely on all projects. We are also building in-house games and Qt solutions as well:
    Our team would be happy to start cooperation with your company and feel free to contact me online:
    Skype: kacper_gazda

  • Hi Jerome,

    I have around 5 years of experience in Qt/QML. I have mailed you my details. Please feel free to contact me by email :


  • Hello Jerome,

    I e-mailed you my resume for your request of freelancer using Qt.



  • please contact me
    these are my skills

    -C,C++ and qt qml :
    i have worked about any aspect of qt from socket programming ,data base,MVC,mobile app(symbian),... and i am professional in qml
    -working in Enterprise application such as zenoss and zope:
    i have worked for one year on zenoss that is an opensource and robust software in network monitoring that collect data from huge number of servers and can graph them ,alert admin if exceed an threshold and have an strong event management that use rabbitmq for its messaging queue and utilize zope zodb object oriented database for storing its objects and this is one of strong point of zenoss.if you want extend zenoss you must add zenpack to it that is mostly in python language and i developed a professional zenpack for a company that use our custom non ssh and non snmp command for collecting data from devices .
    -Understanding Web services (XML SOAP, WSDL, REST)
    -good understanding on centos and installing enterprise app on it.
    because zenoss is mostly based on python i have to do reverse code on python because zenoss doesnt have very docs .and for developing zenpack i obtained a good experience on python

    i am familiar with these and as you know these api are a python binding of qt .
    -worked on java and android
    i have worked on wireless sensor networking with zigbee this project we have devices name xbee that in them zigbee protocol is implemented.and this device can be configured to be end device or router or coordinator to make a good role in our network. Xbee can be configured by AT command
    -familiar with pic, avr,fpga and Proteus
    -familiar with vhdl and verilog

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    ariamehr, do check the date. The job listing is 6 months old.

  • please contact me
    with Qt more than 5 years

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    Please visit my webpage if support needed. I am a Qt expert having 9 years experience. follow the below link


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