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Qt 4.8 for meego harmattan?

  • Hello guys,
    I've just started developing for the Nokia N9 and I want to know when Qt 4.8 and QtWebKit 2.2 will be available for it or it's already available?

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    Jolla might provide that in Mer/ Sailfish. Nokia is not involved in Qt anymore, don't expect any updates.

  • Oh... that's so sad :( . By the way, I was thinkin about the default browser on the Nokia N9 and its performances are better than a custom browser that make use of qtwebkit 2.1 ( using qml webview). How is that possible? Does the default browser make use of QtWebkit 2.2 and qt 4.8?

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    I don't know, sorry.

    You might take a look at Qt 4.8.4 I think Harmattan support is still available there, maybe it includes the updates you need (you would probably need to compile from source. I don't really know, never had anything to do with N9). Last version of Qt provided by Nokia in their SDK is 4.8.1.

  • Thanks for the help, but I have never build Qt from the source can you tell where how's that possible?

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    Not for Harmattan. Ask on Harmattan forums or here on devnet.

    For desktop OSes, like Linux, it's rather easy:
    ./configure <flags here>
    make install (well, not always)

    There are plenty of docs about it here on DevNet.

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