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Resizing the Tablewidget column is crashing the application

  • I have a table widget column and cell at a particular row has a widget made up of two more widgets (Label and a progressbar).

    table cell
    | widget |
    +| Label |+
    +|progress bar |+
    when ever the I try to reduce the column width by dragging the table header and it goes to almost 100 pixels or so the application crashes.
    The crash happens at the paint method of the progress bar. Increasing the column width is not crashing

    Is there a way where, I can set a minimum column width so that it cannot reduce less than that ?

  • Can you provide us a small sample program that demonstrates the crash? Just a main.cpp and the code that populates the table view with some data. That would be really helpful.

    You can put up the code here, if its not too long (put in @-Tags here, so it is pretty formatted) or put it all together in a ZIP, we can download. We'll have a look into this then.

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