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Review of QHttpMultiPart and/or QHttpPart

  • Greetings!

    In my previous "project": , I experienced a lot of failure on the use of "QHttpMultiPart": in submitting a "form" to the server containing file/s and other additional data. In fact, nobody on this forum answered my "other" thread regarding this problem and I followed the example usage of the "library" but still it didn't work.

    I found an answer to my problem after nights of "googling" an unrelated library called "FormPost": making the QHttpMultiPart of no use to me.

    If possible, may I ask the community (or the developers) to review the QHttpMultiPart and QHttpPart libraries for possible bugs so that it will be of use to everybody. Help me find a workaround to this problem.

    Thanks and more powers!

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