Chrome issues

  • I've experienced some weird issues with Google Chrome and DevNet a few times now. Sometimes I can't post or rate things and the only thing that helps is restarting Chrome. When clicking the rating button nothing happens and when I try to post on a thread the page jumps to to top. Anyone having similar issues?

    This has only happened a few times so I haven't made a bug report or thought much about it really. I'm running Chrome 7 on Linux.

  • Using chromium 8 (and used other versions from 4 afair), but never saw it. Maybe you have some extensions that cause it?

  • Chrome seems to behave weirdly for some users and we're having trouble reproducing the issues. You could file a bug report anyway, so we don't forget about it.

    Thanks. :)

  • I think you might be right Denis, I just uninstalled all my extensions and this caused the behaviour again.

  • durriken, try to locate what do you have in your extensions that works with javascript, it will be useful.

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