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QtPropertyBrowser included in Qt 5 ?

  • Hi,

    while compiling the latest Qt 5 beta 2 from source, I have noticed that the QtPropertyBrowser component can be found in "qttools\src\shared\qtpropertybrowser".

    However, I haven't managed to have it compiled as a separate DLL, it seems it's only here to let one build the designer or some other tool.

    Any easy way I haven't seen, how I could use the qtpropertybrowser source included in Qt 5 and make a DLL from it ?

    Thanks !

  • The property browser code lives in the Qt Solutions world. You can download the solutions archive from "the git repository": and build it from there.

  • Hi,

    thanks for your answer. I am aware of that fact, basically I am using this source, however, the version that is on the git server is not compilable with Qt5 (there are a few changes to be made) - so I thought using the already Qt5-modified source files released in the Qt5 designer code would be faster to integrate.

    Now, what I did is a mix: I used the project files from the git repository,but replaced the .h/.cpp with the one provided with the Qt5 package. It works.

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