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VTY over SSH Tunnel

  • So, I admit I'm in over my head with this one.

    I'm a VOIP network engineer, and lately I've had to do a lot of traces of call paths through CUSP (a SIP proxy). Anyway, it's actually a pretty slow process, at least slower than it should be, and my company does not have any tools to expedite the process. Instead of waiting for automation to possibly never write a tool (it would take at least a year), I decided to put my mediocre programming skills to work and try to write one myself.

    So, because I don't work for the automation team, I don't have access to APIs and other backends in place that I'm sure would make things easier for me. I basically have to right a program that emulates what a user would do, but much, much faster. Most of this is string parsing, which is all well and dandy, but I also have to work with the access lists on the devices.

    So, the CUSP devices can only be accessed via ssh (and web interface... but I'm not going to do HTTP Get requests.), and only via a jump server. A user would first ssh into said jump server, and then ssh into CUSP. There are then a sequence of commands that must be entered to get the required information, normally through a VTY, CLI interface.

    Any ideas how to get QT to set up a SSH tunnel like this? Thoughts on the whole concept?

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