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Custom QWhatsthis for menu item (or how to capture QWhatsThis event for menu selections)

  • I need to launch my own help system using the QWhatsThis event. I have an event filter installed on my application and can capture the QWhatsThis event for all widgets and tool bar buttons but it does not work for menu items. I am using Qt 4.8.2 and have this issue on Windows, Linux and Solaris. I use Qt Designer to create my .ui files. The same QActions are used on the toolbar and menu.

    I've tried calling installEventFilter on the application, the menu bar, and the action. Nothing seems to work. As I said earlier, I do manage to trap the QWhatsThis event on the widgets.

    Looking at the Qt code for QMenu, I see where the QWhatsThis text displayed in QMenuPrivate::activateAction. I want to prevent this and use the text to launch my help system.


  • I'm trying to understand difference between Whatsthis in designer (that automatically create a right-click context menu and show whatsthis) and the shortcut on the form "?" which does nothing!

    Have you some suggestion since you have almost done that?

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