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Buttons, LineEdit, ComboBox etc. look ugly in static linked app under Windows 7

  • Hey folks,

    I've written a simple Qt-Application and some of my friends want to use it on their Windows 7-machines.
    So I static linked the libs and compiled it, but in the static linked version, the Buttons etc. look like under Win98 (see the pic below), very ugly... if I do a debug-build, everything is normal in Win7 or Win8-Style. It's very strange, because on my development computer (where I've created the App and Qt is installed) the Buttons are in Win98-Style, too....
    Any ideas, how I can fix this and get a pretty good looking Qt-App? ;)

    Greetings, Julian


  • Hi,
    Because qt is a crossplatform framework it will use the current's platform views. So to get a Win7 you should compile it on a win7 machine.
    Don't think you could do it any other way.


  • Thank you for your reply.
    I've compiled it under Win7. The only difference are the static linked libs...

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