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Size of installer

  • Hi all,

    I'm looking at different libraries to develop small cross platform clients for my web service.
    Client should have one simple window ui or even without ui and should be able to work with web service via HTTP/JSON. Also it should be able to work with clipboard.
    I would like to have a very small distributive to download installer just for a seconds. Although with Qt libraries distributive becomes about 10 MB (qtgui4.dll is about 7-8 MB as far as I remember).

    Probably I missed something and I still have some options with Qt?

    Appreciate for any help and advises.

    Thank you,

  • With such project, I think you will be needing the following:

    1. QtGUI and QtCore for the UI and logic --> Will be needing the qtgui4.dll and qtcore4.dll
    2. QtNetwork for the network(HTTP) ---> Will be needing the qtnetwork4.dll
      3 ... and "QJSON": library for the JSON, which is a 3rd party library

    Though if you are using a "licensed Qt". AFAIK, you can build your app in STATIC and it won't be needing the DLL files and will result to a lighter app. (Note that it was just based from reading threads since I only use the LGPL version of Qt, and I am still just a student LOL)

    Happy coding!

  • Thank you for your answers!

    Do you know if I can compile static library without commercial license to evaluate if it meets my need? or I need to purchase the license prier to compile?


  • I think you can build from source but you need to set some configuration before building. Search for google. Purchasing a license is , I think, a better way.

    If i can remember it right, there was a video in youtube (back when Nokia owns Qt) on how to compile Qt from source and enable building your apps statically.

    Sorry but i don't have track of that link and I am too preoccupied right now. Perhaps the experts on this forum may help you, you just need to wait for their comments :)

  • Thank you so much again :)

    It looks following topic describes building static Qt (I'm in progress now)


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    There is nothing stopping you from static linking without a commercial license. You must be aware though that the resulting binary can only be distributed under the terms of the GPL license (LGPL is not applicable for static linking). Basically that means that you must make all the code of your entire application available.

    That is fine for some people, but a showstopper for others.

    Usual disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, I do not know whether there are special requirements in your country. Better talk to a lawyer yourself!

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