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QFB, a Qt library for using Facebook graph API

  • The world is missing a Qt library to use Facebook graph API. Of cause we cannot really count on Facebook to proivde a SDK for us, so I decided to write it. It is currently WIP, and is lacking a lot of features. It is currently released under GPL, with plans to move to LGPL (just a change in headers)

    It tries to be very simple, helping both authentification, and the use of graph API, by wrapping downloaded informations in Qt objects. When feature complete, you should be able to perform a lot of actions, like reading feeds, listing friends, posting status, photos, by using Qt, or even just QML, without the need of using any network request.

    Currently built with Qt4 + QJSON 0.5.0 (IIRC) + imports for QtQuick 1.X, it can also be built with Qt5 + imports for QtQuick 2.0. It might also become a Harmattan, Jolla, BB10 or even Symbian app if I have time to build a proper gui for it.

    Contributions are welcome !

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