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Cache not cleared after using QWebSettings::clearMemoryCaches()

  • Hello Folks,

    I am loading a URL like below
    In Web page there is a waveform getting plotted. Waveform is plotted from left to right direction on page. Once the waveform reaches
    right end, other waveform starts getting plotted from left end. Problem is waveforms are getting overlaped with previous waveforms.

    To solve the problem, I am calling user defined slot(handleCacheClear()) for every 1second. But still seeing same problem.
    void WebPage:: handleCacheClear()
    When I debugged ,above slot was hitting for every 1 second but still cache is not getting cleared.

    Someone's help would be highly helpful to me.


  • Your problem has nothing to do with caching: in cache is data from the current page or from older pages, which might be usable on a reload of the current page or when loading a new page. This is not what you are doing here.

    You must clear the plotting in the web page itself, most likely with JavaScript. I bet you have some <div> tag or something similar in your page, into which you plot your waveform with some JavaScript functions. If you are done with plotting, your JavaScript must clear the <div> content and start the new plotting.

  • Eike,
    Thanks for reply.

    But when I run http://10..... on chromium browser, it works fine.

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