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Qt Contribution Group

  • Aloha, Qt Developer Network's community!

    I want to say a bit about Qt Contribution Group at general. Firstly, it was created for people who want to:

    • contribute to Qt Project
    • deal with Qt source code

    So, according to list, group's forum is a place for questions about:

    • Qt Contribution (Jerrit) issues/help
    • Qt source code, modules, structure, etc.

    Be free to ask here anything which is covered by previous list.

    This side of a cube has not finished yet. There are two possible ways to do with wiki:

    Use global wiki (remove local wiki)

    Use local group wiki (reffer posts from global wiki to copies in the local wiki)

    Post your ideas in replies, please.

    Happy Coding,

  • According to me, the best to keep sharing the source code along with the description.

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