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  • I've finally managed to take a longer look at the stuff that BB created, slightly deturred due to the installer crashing at startup. But still reading docs and checking the examples.

    First thing to notice is that all simple examples use totally non-qt code. Sure it uses the same markup that QML has, but none of the base-QML objects.

    So, is it possible to transfer my Qt C++ and/or Qt QML experience into blackberries platform?

    How much time should I expect it to take to port my QML/C++ app that now runs on symbian and linux to BB10?

  • If you're creating a new app from scratch, BB recommends to use Cascades, which is QML, except you can't mix the usual QML components with the Cascades ones. Qt QML/C++ work just as you'd expect.

    You can port your QML/C++ app very quickly. Most of the time spent would be in setting up compilers, keys, devices, simulators and all that stuff, rather than porting code.

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