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Display QML components in QML designer

  • Hello,

    I have a lot of qml files which implement some basic elements for a project. These qml files are sorted in several directories.
    Now I want to use these basic elements for creation of big images in QML designer.

    The problem is that I didn't manage to display my QML components in the "Library/Elements/QML components". When I edit new QML file, only QML components located in the same directory are displayed and available for drag-and-drop. At the same time in text editor all QMLs are imported correctly and are usable by QT creator.

    How I can display all QML components from different directories? Is there any way to create a preview image for each QML component?

    QML_IMPORT_PATH is set.
    I use QT 4.8.2 , QT Creator 2.5.82 in Windows.

    Thank you

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