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[Solved] Web Inspector (still) does not work (even worse with Qt 5 Beta 2)

  • [System: Windows 7 and XP, same behaviour]

    In Qt 4.7.4 the Web Inspector just worked fine.

    With Qt 4.8.3 we still have trouble with the Web Inspector (right-click in a web page, then use 'inspect', like we know it from Chrome). It hangs if you set a breakpoint in JavaScript and reach that breakpoint. Afterwards you can not reactivate the application, because the Web Inspector seems to lock everything down.

    It got even worse woth Qt 5 Beta 2, you can use browser.exe from the examples folder to recreate the problem: I choose Tools->Enable Web Inspector to activate it, reload the page, then I right-click in a web page and choose "Prüfen" (probably "Check" or so in your language). A blank window opens, only the title "Web Inspector" is visible. This blank-window-behaviour also happens with our own application tested with Qt 5 Beta 2, so it's not a problem of the example code.

    [Update: When I start our browser from within Visual Studio I can see that closing the blank web inspector window causes an exception in file 'free.c' while freeing some heap memory! ]

    I thought that closing the following bug would have solved the bug: "Bug 71271": The patch was checked in May 2012, Qt 4.8.3 was released in September 2012 but did not include the patch (I also checked the sources, the source changes of this bug were not included in 4.8.3, I was already annoyed at that time).

    Qt 5 Beta 2 includes the patch (I checked the sources), but I get the behaviour described above. This is really, really annoying. The problem I am now facing is, that I do not know where I shall submit a bug. The web page of QtWebKit is totally out of date (since months there's no update, apart from having a confusing navigation), which right now decreases my trust in QtWebKit development, and I do not know where to find further information. It's also surprising that no one else is complaing about a missing Web Inspector, because we intensively use it and it's a must-have feature!

    Any guidance where to find a solution or where to post this problem/bug or is much appreciated. [Edited: Initial post was not finished]

  • Okay, after stressing the QtWebKit mailing list, I made a bugzilla report ("bugzilla report 104536": and now the problem with the Qt Web Inspector is solved within Qt 5.0.

    My experience is: if should ever encounter some serious problems with QtWebKit, try using the QtWebKit mailing list. For question like 'How/why does this and that (not) work' this forum is a good-enough place.

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