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  • Hello
    I am developing a set of applications that have multi lingual support.
    I can use the Qt tools to generate the translations and this works well, however, these applications include some common libraries that also contain strings that I need to translate.

    How can I include the translations from the library in my .ts files for the applications?


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    If those libraries are also Qt projects and you have access to the code, you can just generate ts files for those libraries separately, and then use them to create the translations. TS files are plain XML, you can even merge both sources together, translate, and release as a single qm file.

    I realise my description can be a bit cryptic. I should probably rephrase. What I mean is that QTranslator should pick up translations for libs, too, as long as they were also created the Qt-way (tr(), lupdate, lrelease).

  • Thanks for the hint
    I'll give it a try

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