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Cross compiling Qt for beaglebone via openembedded

  • I'm attempting to compile something (examples/qmake/tutorial) to run on the beaglebone via openembedded (angstrom)

    I added qt4-embedded to the image. This built ok and I can now run QML only apps via qmlviewer on the beaglebone.

    If I open a devshell and attempt to run qmake2 by hand -

    qmake2 -o Makefile

    I get -

    QMAKESPEC has not been set, so configuration cannot be deduced.
    Error processing project file:

    Is this expected an I just need to manually set QMAKESPEC or do I need to build one of the other QT .bb files ?

    I expect this might be documented somewhere but I can't find it. If so, could someone pooint me in the right direction ?

  • To answer my own question -

    bitbake -c devshell qt4-embedded &
    rm Makefile
    rm *.o
    qmake2 -o Makefile
    sed -i 's/lQtGui/lQtGuiE/g' Makefile
    sed -i 's/lQtCore/lQtCoreE/g' Makefile

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