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Configuring the compiler on Mac OSX

  • I am new to Qt and develop on a Mac - managed to get some of the examples working via XCode but the Qt Creator throws the message below

    :-1: error: Qt Creator needs a compiler set up to build. Configure a compiler in the kit options.

    when I try to compile.

    In the preferences pane there seem to be various autodetect compilers flagged though if I select a sensible one of these it doesn't seem to make any difference.

    Not sure if this means there was something wrong with the Qt install itself - I am using OSX 10.7.5 and Xcode 4.5.2....

  • I think I have now figured out the reason but can't seem to fix it.

    The problem was that I installed a beta of Qt 5.0 before installing the latest official build. The installation crashed - and I then installed the official build instead.

    However in QtCreator it still points to the (defunct) QT5.0 kit. Unfortunately there seems to be no means of adding the real location (/usr/bin/qmake) as the MacFileManager won't let you browse to /usr/bin.

    I found out how to display the /usr/bin in the finder

    (type defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE) in a terminal. However while this works fine for finder, it doesn't seem to work for QtCreator - as this cannot see /usr/bin/qmake.

    Is there an equivalent command for Qtcreator.

    Arguably this is a bug.....

  • btw - I managed to install fine on a laptop where I hadn't originally installed a (bad) beta of 5.0. Unfortunately I can't seem to figure out a way to set it up now on my desktop server.

    Does anyone have any ideas - either a command line entry into Qt to set this without the GUI - or a way to make the Qt GUI able to display and browse for /usr/bin

  • I am having the same problem.. Did you by any chance find a fix?

  • not really - I eventually installed the official Qt5.0 and that seemed to work.

  • I am making some progress.. I have only been working on in for about an hour.. But I will let you know when I find something, if you want.

  • I got it... I have compiled a simple text input/output GUI application to test it.

    1. Uninstalled my current version of Qt 5.0.0
    2. Made sure I had the latest version of Xcode installed.
    3. In Xcode go to Preferences -> Downloads -> install command line tools.
    4. Install Qt 5.0.0
    5. I restarted my computer on this step.. I don't know if that is necessary.. but it can't hurt.

  • Thanks, It works.. but i still don't understand

  • I guess these are computers and understanding is something of an optional extra. However I do remember that you need the command line tools for XCode.

    Hope it goes well

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