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[Suggestion] Add some obvious way for the user that initiated a thread to flag it as closed

  • I don't know if ONLY the user that started the thread (plus the admins) should be allowed to close a thread but it would make sense for me to allow him to say that he got the answer he was looking for. Anybody that was not satisfied that the issue was actually "closed" could start a new thread.

    I haven't seen many closed threads (in fact I don't remember seeing any)... It would be really helpful if they were marked as closed on all searches (not just a tag) but we have already another thread for this.

  • Good idea. Maybe some lock icon or the like.

    It would be best, if you open an issue on the bug tracker.

    I could do, but I don't want to steal all the glory of having a suggestion resolved as implemented in the tracker from you :-)

  • I have added all my suggestions to the forum... Should I have created there somewhere else? What bug tracker? Jira?

  • The Trolls can manage the bugs and suggestions easier in the bug tracker. Additionally, everyone can check if something is already on the list.

    There is a forum thread on "Submitting QtDevNet bug reports":, this holds for suggestions too; just choose the right issue type on the bug tracker.

  • If you have a Qt bug tracker account, feel free to submit a wishlist bug for QTWEBSITE there. Otherwise we will mine the beta forum for suggestions and bug reports.

    Ah, there it is. Thanks for the report. :)

  • Ah, forgot to say: this one makes a lot of sense and it will come. The latest together with the planned Q&A feature set.

  • This is the report:

    This is a good example of a thread that I now should be able to close :)

  • [quote author="fcrochik" date="1291655689"]This is a good example of a thread that I now should be able to close :)[/quote]

    Not before leaving you a note, that it is good practice to tag the thread with the bugreport number (QTWEBSITE-123 in this case). This holds true for any other issue in the bugtracker too.

  • Did not even think about it... Thanks for the info

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