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  • I just installed QT onto my computer and opened up Qt Creator. The initial screen shows 4 tabs: Getting Started, Develop, Examples & Tutorials. The getting started tab shows a group of icons, The Develop tab shows a couple of choices, while the Example tab shows a text input box and nothing else as I would have expected from seeing a Getting Started tutorial which showed a group of icons for the toys examples. I know that during the installation there were a number of example folders in the installation listing so it looks like the examples were installed properly. So where are the example icons? I would like to use these examples to get started with this development environment.

  • Hi, the examples are in /usr/lib/qtx. You can run them using the konsole. :)

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    There are video tutorials available for the Beginners. Check this Link also "Video Tutorials": This may also help you to learn.
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  • I did look at the tutorials, and the first one that I found showed an example link in to the tutorial where a group of example icons appear for the user to select. The tutorial itself shows a list of example icons for the user to select, but Qt Designer does not show the same list. So there is something wrong here! As a matter of fact, after looking around on the web, I find that there are many others with the same problem and the general consensus of opinion is that there is a bug in this version of Qt5! So my question now becomes when is this bug going to be fixed so that these examples can be used?

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    Could you tell us how you installed Qt5? Did you compile yourself? Where did you get it from?

  • I went to the website, which is the Trolltech site, and downloaded the file "qt-windows-opensource-5.0.0-beta2-mscv2010_32-x86-offline.exe" after going through the various links on the website and choosing the windows version of the installer. Then I simply ran the install code which installed Qt Creator, Qt Assistant, and Qt Designer into the computer. Does the installation also include a C++ compiler with the install or do I have to install one separately in addition to the Qt toolkits that were downloaded?

    I also went into the Qt directory on my computer and did a little searching around for the examples folder which I eventually did find and took a look at the concentric circles examples. I opened the .pro file and it loaded itself into QT Creator where I could now see the relevant source code, so I tried to build and run the project. Then I got a message the a compiler needs to be setup! Configure a compiler in the kit options! What is this all about? The compiler should already be part of the Qt install! Not an add-on! When I go back into the examples folder and find the exe file for the example and try to run it I get another error report: The program can't start because QtWidgets5.dll is missing from your computer. Try re-installing the program to fix the problem. Right now I am in the process of evaluating the Qt product to see if our company wants to purchase a couple of licences, but so far your product is not performing the way that was expected. Unless these issues are rapidly resolved I fear that we are going to go with something like GTK.

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    Ok, you installed the mscv2010 binary opensource version for windows. This binary is meant to be used with visual studio 2010 and is the only one available right now for windows.
    There was a mingw binary version before but not at this time afaik.

    If you want to evaluate a commercial version, I would recommend to contact Digia and get an evaluation version. See"their website":

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    I recently saw a really good description of what "beta" means: "We are not surprised if this will eat your cat, please report in and tell us exactly where the bite marks are".

    Seriously: We can not ship the Microsoft compilers for obvious legal reasons. We did ship mingw before, but got a lot of people complaining that it was not the mingw of their choice. Since there are a couple of incompatible mingw out there (I am no windows user, that is what I gathered from the bug reports we received) that was a real problem for some people. So for now we do not ship a compiler AFAIK. Creator will happily use whichever one is installed (but might need a bit of a hint as to where the installation is for mingw:).

    I am sure the next release will be working a lot better. People are slowly getting round to actually polish things instead of adding new functionality and doing last minute changes that can only be done in a mayor release.

  • I had the same issue when installing Qt Creator 5.1 OpenSource edition.

    Here is what I had:
    Date of install: Jul-12-2013
    OS: Linux Unbuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS
    Downloaded file:
    Install Directory: Default installation /opt/5.1.0
    Method of install: installed application package as root; sudo {file name}; Default options selected

    Installation Result:
    Qt Creator starts and runs correctly with errors.
    Error: Unable to view or list examples

    The examples directory was installed with root admin restricted permissions.
    Directory permissions of /opt/Qt5.1.0/5.1.0/gcc/examples was listed as drwx------
    This means that using Qt Creator under any other user will not be able to see the contents of the .../examples/... directory

    Changed permisions of examples directory with the following command
    cd /opt/Qt5.1.0/5.1.0/gcc
    ls -l (confirm that the examples directory exists and the permissions are missing)
    sudo chmod 755 examples (include read permission for all non-owner users)

    Examples directory permissions successfully changed to
    Restarted Qt Creator under my standard login user.
    Qt Creator examples listed, complied, executed without error.
    Issue resolved!

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