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QtWebkit and Silverlight

  • Hello
    I tried to embed a HTML site in my QtApplication with QtWebkit. The body of the HTML document contains only a Silverlight object which is developed for viewing DeepZoom Images.
    The QtApp runs correct, but the Silverlight application does reload the new images (by zooming into the MultiScaleImage) with a large (LARGE!) delay time.
    I have tested the Silverlight Application with the Visual Studio Development-Server and it works correct (short/normal reload delay time of the images)
    My question: Why do I get such a large reload time by zooming into the image? Is the problem caused by the QtWebKit?
    Hope you can help me ;-)

  • We have trouble in QtWebKit with HTML5 zooming and rotating. The memory consumption when using this stuff is enormous (up to 2gb if we want to rotate a 100kb image) and the effects are also big delays (no troubles in Chrome). I still have to write a ticket for this bug...

    However, this has nothing to do with Silverlight in our case because we don't use Silverlight, but maybe you can take a look at your memory consumption and see if you encounter the same enormous memory consumption.

    Sorry, this is no solution, but just a way to clarify the problem a little bit more. Maybe you should also check your page with Chrome. If that works fine, then it's a QtWebKit problem and not WebKit problem.

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