Too many/big images --> images are black

  • Hi,

    I load some big images (1800px x 2000px) using QQuickImage.
    If I load too many of them, some images are displayed as black boxes (but the size of the "images" is correct).
    The same happens, if I load a single image, which is too big. (e.g. 1800px x 4000px)
    Sadly there is no error message.

    Is this because there is not enough memory? (Only 24% of the systems memory are used by the process)
    Is it possible to increase the max. used memory?

    (The process runs on a raspberry pi)

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    My guess is that you are running out of memory on your graphics card.

  • Thanks for your reply!
    I changed the amount of memory used by the graphic card and now it works.

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