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PySide: How to get Back button in QWizard?

  • The example app shows me a Next button and a Cancel button. I cannot figure out how modify the code to display the Back button. Is this a bug with PySide or my brain? Can somebody tell me how to do it? Thanks.

  • OK, I figured it out after looking at the underlying Qt code.

    Apparently, the Back Button is never visible if you are using the Aero Style, which on my PC is apparently the default. No idea why this is the case . . . seems like a bug in Qt to me.

    Anyways, to be clear, if I add the following in main, I now get the Back button:


  • There is a back button in Aero style, only it is shaped like a blue round arrow at the top left of the wizard. That is just how it is done in Aero...

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