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Qt libraries 4.8.3 for Windows but no Qt Creator

  • Hi everyone!

    I want a working and full functional version of Qt Creator on my PC but the Qt Creator Download says I should download the download above for a full functional Qt Creator but the Qt libraries 4.8.3 for Windows don't include Qt Creator. So what do I have to download that Qt Creator just works?

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    You mean this?
    [quote]Qt Creator IDE can also be downloaded as a standalone application, although we recommend to get it via the SDK above if you need a complete Qt development environment. The latest SDK has a self updater feature that will keep you up to date as new versions are made available.[/quote]

    Don't listen to it; it's wrong.

    The old SDK is -gone now- (EDIT: Sorry, it's still on the internet, but it's outdated), and the new SDK hasn't been released yet. Just download from the link that says "Qt Creator 2.6.0 for Windows (51 MB)"

  • Well Qt Creator works now but when I try to create a project it says it wants a kit and I can't create Gui application projects or console projects as well... So something went wrong here I guess.

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    Go to Tools -> Options -> Build & Run

    Do your setup in the "Compilers" tab, then the "Qt Versions" tab, then the "Kits" tab.

    For Qt Versions, you need to select C:[QT INSTALLATION\bin\qmake.exe

  • Yaay, thanks a lot it works!

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    You're welcome :)

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