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[closed] The executable of the QML Puppet process cannot be found.

  • I just upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04LTS , installed Qt5.0 beta2 on it using the binary installer (64 bit) and went for a Qt5 journey.

    I started making a new project based on Qt Quick 2
    run : works fine so that's good news

    but then I go to main.qml and go to design mode, then I get this message :

    The executable of the QML Puppet process (/home/eddy/Qt5.0.0beta2/Tools/Qt Creator/bin/qml2puppet) cannot be found. Please check your installation. QML Puppet is a process which runs in the background to render the items.

    But there is a file named qmlpuppet in that map. It is even flagged as executable. So that's not it.

    could be the directory "Qt Creator" gives problems because of the space in the path name.
    Any suggestions here?

    I have filed a bug in bug tracker QTCREATORBUG-8273

  • Thanks volthezz

    I missed that one. Strange because i searched for "puppet" in the bug tracker.

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