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Antivirus is showing the .exe file as virus effected

  • Hi, I developed an application and generated a .exe file of it. It is working fine. When I deploy the .exe file in client machine, the antivirus of the client machine is showing the exe file as virus effected and it is deleting the file. If we disable the antivirus it is working fine. Is their any solution to run the exe file without disabling the antivirus system?
    Thank you

  • Yes, you need to tell the antivirus program to exclude it from considering as dangerous. Check out the menus of the antivirus checker.
    This happens very often when you are scanning the disk to find things. But the sensitivity depends on the virus scanner.

  • Well if you embedded some virus code in the executable, get rid of that code :D.
    Otherwise, you must be using some API/code that the antivirus considers harmful and I'd say you are out of luck. The only solution would be to lower the antivirus security level for that specific exe if that's possible.

  • bq. The only solution would be to lower the antivirus security level for that specific exe if that’s possible.

    It also means correct and fulfilled Manifest in your exe. Signing your app with trusted certificate also eliminates suspicion in most of antivirus progs. But this will not work for such morons like Norton Internet Security etc... They use community based decisions... It's mean what if anyone has clicked on "suspicious program"(or whatever it calls) you are in trouble...

  • Buggy "anti-virus" software is a constant pain for software developers. As anti-virus software mostly is proprietary ClosedSource software, it is like a "black box" and we can only speculate what aspect of our software the anti-virus program is misinterpreting as malware. And the behavior may even change completely with the next update, so trying to workaround the bug in the anti-virus software is pointless - besides the fact that it definitely is not your job to do the work that shall be done by the anti-virus developer.

    The best thing you can do is: Educate your users! Tell them that this is a FALSE POSITIVE, that it is a bug in the specific anti-virus software and that there is absolutely nothing that you can do on your side (given you really don't do bad things in your software ^^). Most important tell your users that they have to report the FALSE POSITIVE to the developer of the anti-virus software or it probably gets fixed never. Also tell them that they should try to get their money back from the anti-virus developer (or simply switch to a better product), if bugs aren't fixed in time. Experience shows that Anti-virus developers tend to ignore FALSE POSITIVES, unless either a "prominent" piece of software is affected or enough of their users start complaining.

    If you are developing a commercial product, your companies legal department should also contact the company who develops the anti-virus software and ask them to stop damaging your reputation, otherwise a lawsuit can be filed. That's (most likely) not an option if you are working on a "hobby" project, sadly...

  • here i am executing ffmpeg.exe for media trans coding .here here i have to execute this ffprobe.exe as result avast and other antivirus say ffmpeg stop working.
    ffprobe is stoped by antivirus.

    the file prevalence reputation is low
    application stop.

    is there any solution to make my application 3rd party exe prevent from this.

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