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Project Elf: quality effect poll

  • Of course the SNR (Signal Noise Ratio) has decreased.
    It was incredibly high before. However, the forums were very stale.

    With increased activity comes decrease in SNR, this can't be helped.

    If anyone answers 'No' to this poll they are fooling themselves.
    The real question should be 'Is the decrease in quality of posts worth the increase in activity/response?'

    It may or may not. But then, I will ask you this: 'Is the temporary increase in activity/response likely to lead to an increase in awareness which will lead to increased activity in the future?'

  • [quote author="Denis Kormalev" date="1291590968"]My answer is both yes and no (I voted for yes in poll).
    Yes, because we have much more activity now and part of this activity is really helpful for someone who asking question.
    No, because another part of this activity is semi-offtopic or full offtopic.[/quote]


    I think the point system should been made a bit different before this thingy, though... But I wonder it has really changed much. People who contribute much tend to contribute much, and other people doesn’t tend to contribute much.

    I’m not going to get any phone from this contest and I’m not even trying to; I’m merely answering to few forums posts per week, there is no way that could be enough. Other people do contribute more, I just hope a bit more ontopic talk...

    EDIT: wtf those tags were...

  • I vote definite YES. I'm not one to bother with things like the Elf Project, as You can see I've been here for a while and I'm still only an Ant Farmer (I like being quiet and I relay try only to write to help some one or to get help my self). But IMHO the activate of some new users is just ridiculous.

  • I see this thread has been tagged as "forum spam". I thought it would be a legitimate question about the workings of the Qt DevNet.

  • I noticed my "number of new posts since last visit" was coming in about 150 a day since I check about once a day. Today I noticed it was 1627 after not having visited over the weekend so about 3 days have passed. So that's, what, a 350% increase?

    It certainly made it more tedious to quickly scan through the post titles to see if there's anything there that is useful to me. I can't say I noticed a drop in post quality since it's now hard to see the trees for the forest.

  • I feel the intention of the project elf itself was to increase forum activity and at this initial point of time they would prefer more active members(would help in stress test also).

  • QtK, that is a very interesting. Thank you for pointing that out. Along the lines of "Any press is good press", perhaps any activity is better than no activity.

  • [quote author="Bradley" date="1291625109"]QtK, that is a very interesting. Thank you for pointing that out. Along the lines of "Any press is good press", perhaps any activity is better than no activity.[/quote]

    And I am sure once that beta tag gets removed. The future competitions would have more preference on quality than quantity.

  • And if you have noticed the competition gives you double the points for wiki and forum activity. May be they want to test these modules thoroughly than any other.

  • You're on to something here, we do want to try this out - in addition to the holidays spirit of handing gear out. The amount of feedback in the Beta Forum has been high, also on quality. Especially on the Tag system and wiki features. Another step towards a better QtDevNet, cheers :)

  • Marius, is there a way to determine, how the activity growth is distributed between wiki edits, tagging, posting, ... ?

  • @Wolf: It's all in the database, we aim to have a statistical review at some point. But not this soon.

  • I can't tell if there has been an increase in the amount of content, or a decrease in the SNR (because I'm a newbie), but I certainly can certainly say that I see a good amount of noise.

    In general, I dislike forums, and I'm more inclined to use mailinglists, but given that it seems that many people like systems like this, and that QtDN is putting effort and resources, I'm giving it a try. And right now, the first impression is a little bit bad, sorry. :-( I'm not giving up on the whole thing yet, though.

  • Forums - and mailinglists too - have the common property to be dominated by the communication process itself. I think as more results were taken to the wiki and the wiki structure gets improved step by step, the usability will increase.

  • [quote author="Wolf P." date="1291641645"]Forums - and mailinglists too - have the common property to be dominated by the communication process itself. I think as more results were taken to the wiki and the wiki structure gets improved step by step, the usability will increase.[/quote]

    Yes it will take some time to build the wiki and forum and I feel things are moving at a good speed.

  • It's time for me to jump in. Better late than never. ;)

    We are experimenting here, you're right. An important part - at least in theory - of community building is to increase the base of active users. We are boosting this process with the current project. Naturally, the SNR will decrease during this period and I am aware of the fact that it may scare people. I am convinced though that things will calm down fairly soon.

    I hope to see a growing number of active users that stick to the site to contribute useful content over time. For now, we are stress-testing our workflow and how well the features scale and which features are missing the most for a big user base. It takes time to implement new things and the sooner we start working on them the better.

    In general, I have the feeling that overall it's going quite well - despite some quirks and hick-ups. Let me know if you don't agree. Oh, and if you have something to discuss that you'd prefer to handle in private, feel free to send me a message.

  • Alexandra, thank you for the clarification. Now that the intention of Project Elf is more clear, I agree it is going quite well.

  • I think that it's shaping up to be a very good system indeed; my only complaint presently is trying to figure out how to contribute is often difficult (is that really the only formatting possible on the wiki? no tables?!?)

    But it already runs more smoothly than some of this sort of thing I've seen before!

  • Gordon, tables are avail in wiki. For example look "here": .

  • added to the "WikiSyntax": help page :)

  • [quote author="Wolf P." date="1291738187"] added to the "WikiSyntax": help page :)[/quote]

    Okay, now that was fast. I am clearly not all the way awake yet - my first thought was "I coulda sworn I just looked at that pa... ... oh yeah, it's a wiki." :-P

    Thanks, although at the same time I also just noticed the "formatting by Textile" link, which I'd been looking for before too. Bah.

  • I think this both should be merged into TextileSyntax or so. The WikiHelp should cover tipps rules for working in this wiki, syntax issues added as link for further reading.

    What do you (all) think?

  • That sounds good. It should be one entry for the syntax, which covers (almost) all posibilities. Whether that is Wiki Syntax (with two sections, one with the current content and then the textiles) or a separate page doesn't matter.

  • Um. If I use the "|_. header |" format on a table, it looks correct in the page preview, but not once I hit "submit"! Buh...?

  • Gordon, please make another thread in beta testing about it or fill report to bugreport site.

  • My two cents: Activity helps increase the quality in the long run. More activity will not only lead to more questions, but also to more people being somewhat specialized in certain parts of Qt. Besides that, an active forum is more fun to be around.

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